Our Operations Team is continuously trained to provide our clients with the highest level of service. We provide Vehicle Backup support and Supervisor mobility to our staff.


  • We are committed to continuously improve the skills of our employees to ensure high quality skilled img-20161202-wa0007services
  • We provide the right officer for the right task
  • We endorse the regulations and rules of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority – PSIRA
  • All employees are trained in efficient “customer care”



  • Moshate Protection Service continuously monitors performance to ensure a high quality of service is img-20161202-wa0008rendered to our clients
  • Moshate Protection Service  is in the process of implementing a Quality Management System endorsed by NOSA
  • We recognize the need for all employees and management to be instilled with self-discipline and the necessary attention to detail
  • We frequently meet with our clients to ensure their quality policy and goals are adhered to.

img-20161202-wa0020CONTROL ROOM

  • Fully manned Control Room
  • Quick reaction to client needs
  • Ensure officers on duty
  • Response to emergency situations
  • Radio communication with guards on duty


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