Moshate Protection Service  prides itself in providing  professional security services to any industry.  We provide the following services to our clients:

* guard tracking system report on a daily basis;

* incident reports in case of a break-in or robbery;img-20161202-wa0014-1

* hourly patrol around the premises;

* back-up armed response;

* risk assessment on a monthly basis;

* technical support.

Moshate Protection Service  provides services in the form of security guards at any location needed, such as
shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, hardware stores, etc.  The company also provides the rental of drivers & security officers for those wanting to transport precious cargo from point A to B.img-20161202-wa0022

Moshate Protection Service  also provides 24 hour guard patrol, fully back-up radio control & unarmed/armed guards.

Moshate Protection Service  meets all the requirements of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001 as well as the requirements set out in section 199 of the constitution, in order for Argent Security Services to function legally as a registered security provider.

All guards of  Moshate Protection Service  are all well trained & certified security officers & possess all relevant & necessary certificates in order to perform their duties professionally as security guards.






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